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Are you or your neighbour planning building work?

You may need specialist advice under the The Party Wall Act etc 1996 this will protect you and your neighbours from what could be more costly disputes down the line. 

You may need this advice if you are planning any of the following

    Loft extensions/conversions
    Internal structural works
    Rear extensions
    Basement extensions

If you have received a notice do get in touch.

To understand more about wether this applies to you or your neighbours call us on 01494 722006 or email a brief outline for an informal opinion.
"Donald Leslie & Co Ltd were recommended to me by both my sister and mother. As a first time buyer of a one bed flat I wasn't sure whether to go for a homebuyers survey - there's so much conflicting advice out there. But being in an informed position before exchange took a huge amount of stress away and was undoubtedly the right decision. Happily for me no areas of major concern were found that would halt the purchase, but now the completion has gone through I feel able to prioritise the necessary repairs identified by Donald as needed.

Donald was very thorough, and took the time to explain things detail. I’m not a plumber or electrician by trade and the findings were described in terms that a lay person would understand. The homebuyers report was very simply structured and easy to read which again, as a first time buyer, was a blessing. Timeframe from first contact to final report was very speedy. Friendly, easy to contact - highly recommended.”
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