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Giving you peace of mind when choosing a property

Finding a home is a time consuming process, lack of housing stock in popular areas means that most people don't have the budget they would like to afford their dream home. Compromises must be made. Often buyers are rushed through a buying process and forced to make an offer committing them to hundreds of thousands of pounds. As one client put it, "I would spend more time choosing an item of clothing to wear than I was allowed to spend at the property."

It's a time when you can just seem to haemorrhage money. But, if you want to avoid a costly mistake it's worth getting your own independent survey so you can go into the process with your eyes open.

How to be a smart property buyer

  • Take time to instruct the right professional to represent you in carrying out the survey on your behalf.
  • Understand that you're going to hear about the weak points of the propery
  • Be prepared to ask questions - we have a 'no question too silly' policy!
  • Allow enough time in the process to get the survey completed, receive the report and follow up on the points raised.
  • We have seen thousands of houses over the years and we're happy to share our knowledge.
Jane instructed us to carry out a Building survey on her period property in Amersham
"Donald surveyed the house we eventually bought and the survey was thorough and clear, with photos making it easy to understand. The survey found some asbestos in the house and we had a further survey from asbestos specialists. Donald looked at their report and further findings and discussed this and several other matters all without any additional charge. My solicitor told me it was the best survey he had ever read. It was a pleasure to deal with Donald and his administrative partner and wife Angela and I would recommend them to anyone."
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